Every year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized, because of rampant pet overpopulation.  Statistically, that means 31% of dogs and 41% of cats that enter shelters are put down.  Our sanctuary takes in homelsss and abused pets. as well as steps in when shelter animals are scheduled for euthanasia.  All of our rescues have a home for life with us while they wait to find an adoptive family.. If you are interested in finding a new pet, please consider adoption, and remember to spay or neuter your new friend to avoid unwanted litters.

Here at Waggin' Wheels, we devote a large portion of our rescue effort to helping Pit Bulls find homes.  Overbreeding coupled with the negative reaction many people have toward them, means many Pits are in dire need of our help.  At the ranch we carefully screen all of our dogs and assess their temperaments both with people and other animals.  We take extra care in emphasizing socialization, so you can be assured that if you rescue a Pit Bull here, with conscientious and responsible ownership they will be a loving and devoted member of your family as well as an ambassador for the breed.

As America's wild horse and burro population continues to be threatened, we are joining forces to foster and find  safe and humane, permanent homes for animals that have been removed from public lands.  Until wild horses and burros are protected, many will face cruelty and slaughter as they are put up for auction, so we are joining the fight to save them.  Perhaps one day they will freely roam their natural habitat again without the risk of roundups, holding corrals. and death, but until that day we seek to place them in facilities where they will never be at risk of ending up in a slaughterhouse.


Situated on 72 acres in the Warm Springs area of Reno, Nevada, Waggin' Wheels Animal Sanctuary is a refuge for abused, neglected and homeless animals. While here, we evaluate and address their medical and behavioral issues as they wait to be adopted. Additionally, we work on incorporating training into their daily activities, so our animals will quickly adjust and settle in to your home routine. Though we hope every one of our rescues finds a loving, forever family away from the ranch, that is not always the case. As a sanctuary, we do have dogs that will stay with us for life, but they can never age-out of our facility, and they will never have to know another day of abuse, neglect or starvation. This is the promise we make to every animal that comes through our doors. Though we will take virtually any species of domestic animal, we are first and foremost a dog rescue. We will accept any dog that needs help regardless of age, health or breed, but priority is given to dogs that have been abandoned, and shelter dogs that are red-listed or scheduled to be euthanized. We travel all throughout the West Coast to rescue dogs from kill-shelters and give them a second chance at finding a home. As long as there are animals that need to be rescued, we will be here to aid them. Our organization is dedicated to rescuing dogs and other pets in need, while championing the cause of animal welfare, both in Nevada, and around the world.


5915 Grass Valley Rd.

Reno, NV  89510

(775) 624-4059

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